15 things you can learn each operator by regattas

Those involved in open sea regattas know very well that there are certain rules you need to observe if you want to increase your chances of winning.

sailingAsking several cadets about what matters most in winning a sailing race, most of our respondents said a) Captain’s knowledge b) the vessel (condition and shape) and c) the crew. More specifically, as far as the crew is concerned, character, team spirit, cooperation with one another and behavior count more than the knowledge, the vessel, the experience in sailing etc. Interesting enough, don’t you agree?

We gathered below 15 of the most important rules, which fully apply also in business environments – besides regattas. Check out how you can use them in your favor.

  • Attitude and real intentionto winthe race- winner’spsychology
  • Physicalstrength / endurance
  • Knowledge, strategyand differenttactics
  • Experience
  • Frequenttraining so that the athletes (and also business men) are readyandableto faceany situation
  • Ultimatefamiliaritywiththe vessel, sails andhow thecrewworks
  • Team spirit
  • Repetitions- those whoparticipatein gamesoftenhavemore chancesto win. Let’s not forget that no one became mailman just by sitting at his office.
  • Caring forthe safety of thecrew and vessel
  • Provision forsupplies thatyouwillneed in order toruna race
  • Knowledge andtraining inother fields of expertise, such asmeteorologyandability toreadthe signsof the weather (for businessmen these fields may be HR, accounting etc)
  • Ability toproperly assessandidentify themostqualified personnel(crew) foryourboat (enterprise)
  • Abilityforeffective managementand coachingstaff
  • Goodpreparationforthetrip – it is not wise to start anythingifyou do not haveasmuch data as necessary
  • Clean andproperlyorganizedvessel, ready toraceat anygiven time

Each of the above may be food for thought for any business man about how he runs the business in today’s economic environment.

Last minute tips:
It is noteworthy that a good start may mean winning the race.
There are experienced sailors who without adequate crew cannot win the race.
No one can win a race / match / competition etc on his own. Everyone needs to have some capable people standing by him, people who care, who are ready to fight and give their best, without hesitating…