Advanced Business Models

Marketing and proper management of corporate image plays a very important role in maintaining and developing the customer base of each company. Real Marketing helps you set a new, stable basis for existing customers but also develop it further.

The actions proposed are always in tune with the business sector’s needs as they emerge, have absolute relevance to competition and derive from the resources each business can give at the time being. We rely on technology but also to some infallible traditional ways to approach audience, communicate and advertise. Finally, Real Marketing’s goal is the innovative access, fresh ideas and maximum performance.

Some ideas and tools are the following:

  • Design of Business and Marketing plan
  • Define the target through B2Band B2C communication
  • Designand/orre-designof productsandservices in orderto revitalize themarket
  • Advertising/informational materialin printand/or electronicmedia
  • Promotion&event planning
  • Public Relations
  • Implementationand support of websitesand social media pages (Facebook, LinkedIn, youtube, twitteretc)