Business & Marketing Planning

The Business plan is the method enterprises have in order to analyze the environment, identify their needs, define the action plan and propose solutions to issues that they are facing. The needs may be related to internal or external to the business issues and the solutions have to necessarily include system development, process improvement, strategic planning and policy development activities. Furthermore, along with the Business Plan presentation the company can request financial assistance, bank loan or investors.

The Marketing plan generally results from the Business plan and after the stages and procedures of Analysis, Planning, Implementation and Control, encounters the actions and the strategy business should follow concerning its communication with the public – in other words the Action plan. The purpose of the Marketing plan is to create, to develop and maintain a beneficial trade with a view to achieving the objectives of the company.

By making a Business & Marketing plan, the enterprise:

  • Identifies andunderstandswhat the market desires andneeds for
  • Researches and understandscompetition
  • Understands what its thecomparative advantage is
  • Measures the results of the strategy until now and proposes changes
  • Convertsvision intotarget
  • Convertstarget into a specific action plan

What is the purpose: Business and Marketing plans can improve the position of company’s products and/or services on the market, can increase its brand awareness and of course take safe steps towards clientele’s increase base and profitability.

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