Digital Marketing Strategy

Digital Marketing, apart from some technical terms that seem difficult and often discouraging to many professionals, is nothing more than the transfer of traditional tools and actions of Marketing in the digital world of the Internet. It is the strategy by which both company’s image is built and communication with the public takes place, taking advantage of all necessary digital media. In other words Real Marketing puts you in contact with networks of people sharing common interests, gives you access to audiences that otherwise would be difficult to approach and above all offers your business interaction.

Real Marketing’s team successfully undertakes the following:

  • Websites, e-shops, blogs:design, construction, copywriting, content management, support and updates
  • Social Media Marketing:design, implementation and contentmanagement to business profiles
  • Search Engine Marketing,strategyfor increasetraffictoyourwebsite ore-shop.Also, withsoftwaretools such asGoogle Analytics, Web Ranks etcwe observe the performance, the sales and rankingin general in the globaldigital map
  • Directories & Listings: listingson internetbusinessguidesand any relevant directories
  • Online Advertising with banners, Google Ads, Facebook promo
  • Email Marketing
  • Mobile applications:design, implementation and support of business applicationsforSmartphones (in progress)