Getting smart!

During an armed bank robbery the thief yelled at th customers: “DON’T MOVE! THE MONEY BELONG TO THE STATE! YOUR LIVES THOUGH BELONG TO YOU!”. Everyone laid down quietly. This method is called “Mind Changing Concept”. Then a woman customer stood up provocatively, maybe waiting for something else from the robbers. So one of them said to her “Please mam, get yourself together, I am about to rob you, not rape you!”. This attitude is called “Being Professional”, in other words to focus in what you were trained to do.

get smartWhen to robbers got back home with the money, the little brother who had a Masters degree said “COME ON! LET’S COUNT THE MONEY WE GOT!”. Instead, the big brother who had only been through elementary school said “You’re stupid! It’s a lot of money to count. We shall wait until the news and they will say the exact amount that was stolen!”. This attitude is called “Experience”. Sometimes it’s much more valuable than a Master degree.

Back to the bank, when the cashier told the bank manager to call the police the manager said: “Don’t call them just yet! It’ s an opportunity for us – along with the 20 million they got – to steal another 10 million now and along with the other 70 million we already have stolen over the years to say the theft was about 100 million!” This method is called “Swim with the tide”. The cashier replied to the manager “I wish we had a bank robbery every month!” and this is called “Killing Boredom”, in other words “it’s bad not to exercise your full potentials and just wait to be served without doing anything”.

At night the news announced that the money stolen was 100 million. The robbers count the money they got over and over again but they only had 20 million. Angry as he was, the one robber said “WE RISKED OUR LIVES FOR 20 MILLION BUT ON THE CONTRARY THE MANAGER JUST GAINED 80 MILLION JUST BY PRESSING ONE BUTTON!! IT SEEMS NOW THAT IS MORE PROFITABLE AND LESS RISKY TO BE A BANK MANAGER INSTEAD OF BANK ROBBER!!!” and this how “Knowledge is worth as much as gold!”. On the other side of the hill the manager who was extremely happy because he covered his robbery by using the bank robbery understood what “Seizing the opportunity and daring to take risks” means.

Which of the above mention situations and attitudes do you follow?

Are you inventive with your business? Are you focus and on alert in your daily agenda? Do you take advantage of your experience and seize the opportunities which are coming your way? Do you take care of the knowledge needed and also take risks? Are you being smart or let opportunities pass you by?