International Business Development

Real Marketing, having understood the importance of the global environment and the need for openness and expansion of businesses across borders, helps you transfer your business (products and service) to new markets.

No matter how successful is the product or the service in a regional level, businesses need a partner to analyze and encounter the diversity of culture, the different habits of the people and also the philosophy of the market in which they will be introduced to. Real Marketing offers in-depth information, useful correlations between domestic and international standards and the use of appropriate tools.

At the beginning and according to the relevant Business & Marketing plan, Real Marketing encounters in-detail the structure and philosophy of your proposal and helps you identify all new business opportunities, in order for you to make the first steps in the diversified international market. Then, due to the undoubted dominance of Internet, designs and develops a dynamic website in the language of the new market, so that the company can have a communication channel towards new customers and opportunities. Finally, advertisement, B2B, B2C communication, Social Media strategy and any other action – according to Action plan – will make your brand known to the new market(-s).

“Think local – Act global” and become an international businessman, without moving from your chair.

Contact us now and let Real Marketing build for you the international strategy your business needs.