Dimiourgikes Anisixies e-shop

Anisixies__72Real Marketing undertook the design, implementation and support of the e-shop http://dimiourgikesanisixies.gr. The company is engaged in manufacturing of handmade decorative crafts and ornaments for indoor and outdoor use, for children and also grownups!

Inspiration is, for the designer, Ms. E. Konteli, nature, earthy colors, innovative materials and above all the tranquility that one feels in nature. The patterns mostly reminds us of the sea and the mountain, while soft lines stand out.

At the same time, Real Marketing designed and digital communication strategy, the facebook page https://www.facebook.com/DimiourgikesAnisixies.BK and also numerous promotions / coupons, competitions and the participation in exhibitions and events.


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    Branding, Business structure, Web Design
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    Dimiourgikes Anisixies
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