Public Relations & Affairs

Nowadays businesses focus more and more on Sales department and how can it be revived. Nevertheless, the traditional methods may not be able to effectively carry the message to the customer.

Real Marketing, as a consultant but also by having quite an active role, can walk business units through ways to achieve their goals. Firstly, with an advanced communication plan (social media, Blog, newsletter campaigns, creation of a social responsible profile etc) and secondly, with a powerfull Public Relations, the company can enjoy increased public confidence, better market penetration and increase of Sales.

Communication and Public Relations are those business activities and functions that create and maintain mutually beneficial relationships between the company and the public. They are based on discipline and also the sheer dedication of those involved – from administration to the last employee or partner who may currently act as a spokesperson of the company. Therefore, Real Marketing teaches you simple, accurate lessons which will make your business friendly and interesting to every different team or network and at the same time being able to cash-in its success.