Website Design & Administration

We live in a hi-tech world, where words such as online, google, search, download, app, share and many others are used millions of times per day around the world, by people of all ages. This means that new forms of communication, information and networking are now directly related to the Internet and at the same time contribute a great deal to business development. Being able to make your business accessible to everyone and also to create advanced communication channels, gives you the opportunity to bring your business to the next level and increase its profits.

So, we are not discussing if you have web page, e-shop, social media etc anymore but how good is your presence. Your key features should be:

  • contemporary designandaesthetics
  • user-friendly template with interactive content
  • clear define what is your competitive advantage / why someone choose you
  • clear contact information
  • link to social media and other networks
  • efficient security level and hosting services

Real Marketing undertakes the design and implementation of:

  • dynamic websites & e-shops & portals & blogs
  • SEO – Search Engine Optimization
  • flash banners
  • electronicnewsletter
  • social media (facebook, linkedin, youtube, twitter, google +, etc.)
  • mobile applications (in progress)

Real Marketing guide you through promotional activities on the website and / or social media and assume the writer but also the renewal of media.