What is the value of “Like” on Facebook pages?

Groups of companies, enterprises, national and international organizations, Brands and even VIP who seek fame, recognition, effective advertisement and interaction with the audience are choosing more and more a dynamic presentation through Social Media. They are also making great effort and spending serious budget in order to win the coveted “Like»” and “Share” on Facebook.

But what is actually the value of that, regarding the Facebook page or the post?

facebook likeOne of Greece’s greater research companies asked directly Facebook visitors to answer about their way of “Like”, what they think of its value, their habits, opinions and their reasons for acting they way they do. The survey was conducted recently with questions addressed to 1.000 Facebook users and revealed several interesting facts about the reasons for this modern interaction.


What is the interaction of users with Facebook pages

  • 82% of respondents believe that a Facebook page is probably the best “place” in order for the brand to interact with clients.
  • 35% of respondents believe that companies respond much more directly to their questions through their Facebook pages than any other medium.
  • 50% of respondents believe that a Facebook page is more useful than the relevant company’s website.

The value of a “Like” on Facebook pages

Regarding visitors’ interaction to a Facebook page and the selection of “UnLike”, 48% of respondents say that they choose to leave from a group due to high frequency of posts. The «Unlike» occur when the user is no longer satisfied with the brand or not accommodated in one of the stages of contact with it.

The most common ways of users interaction with a Facebook page is to print or redeem coupons and discounts, the choice of «Like», the fitting comment on posts and of course sharing and/or asking information about new products.

The research also revealed that one of the most important reasons for a user to follow a Brand on Facebook is to save money. 66% of the respondents say they saved over 20 € and 17% over 100 € after “liking” the Facebook page.

Do you agree and to what extend with the data and the results of the research?
What is your assessment and experience concerning “Like” at Facebook pages?