How are you getting on with your digital life and how can this help your real life?

With the evolution of internet and of social media, smartphones and tablets, most of us have come to be online most of the day. Some of us even at night. We wake up in the morning and our first move is to get down to our mobile to check our e-mails and our facebook / twitter etc accounts. We wait at the traffic light and we still check our smartphone for any notifications. So internet is monopolizing more and more of our time.

The reason Real Marketing writes this article is because most of our everyday life has changed – driven more and more towards digital encounters – and so we have to know whether we “cope with that or not”…

We know people from the internet, we build relationships with them and yet we never actually meet them. We know what they like, what they read on blogs, what their interests are, when they took a new job position, with whom they are connected etc. But have we ever wondered whether we know all this information about our close (or “real”) friends? For some of them maybe. But what about the others?

How can this change, from the “only face2face” to the “digital friend zone”, help us in our professional life? The rule which applies from now on is this: “The better we do in our digital life, the better we are doing in real life” and vice versa. The less interesting our lives are online, the fewer people – customers, partners, friends etc – will know about us, we will monitor / follow out progress and finally the less trust will give in us, our product and/or service.

As a consequence, an excellent and interesting digital image of ours will improve our reputation, increase our value and of course will contribute a great deal to out “Liking” and sense of trust towards us.

The gurus of digital branding & marketing say there is no better way to achieve our goals than to excite our audience. This can be done by following the below mentioned ways and besides the field in which we belong:

  • Dynamic online presence through our Website / Blog & social media profiles – this considers to be a key condition for each subsequent step, as these will give a new dynamic to our communication, prestige to our work and a sense of trust to anyone who will look us up
  • Publication of articles and slide shows (maybe even as free give-aways)
  • Often – but not irritating – communication through targeted newsletters
  • Creation of interactive tools and actions online, for example votes, competitions etc and display of personal stories, case studies etc
  • Creation of a process which is exclusively ours and is based on innovation (certification)
  • Event planning aiming brand awareness
  • Co-operation with great names in our field in order to maximize awareness
  • Listing of customers’ / partners’ data and categorize / short them under every possible criteria (age, interests, financial strength, business areas etc) and maybe this will reveal us a niche market
  • Target and planning activities at regular intervals which will bolster brand
  • Lists foreachdifferent themeandobjectivewe may find relevant to our business.Forexample,new business fields, new customer segments, alternative waysofpublicizingour worketc
  • Work with other professionals, with the same or similar scope with ours, in order to get advice and guidance and also achieve maximum success
  • Often budget control and start actions’ evaluation and prioritization on that basis

Let’s improve, therefore, our digital lives and see how much easier our real life can become!