About Our Company

a marketing company turning ideas into beautiful things

Marketing & Real Marketing

Every business and every man has his own view of things, different ideas and special philosophy through which expresses himself, gets his inspiration and plans his steps.

In Real Marketing we are constantly trying to match what our colleagues / clients tell us and what they believe in with what we know must be done. The goal for both parts is success, the high (or even higher) yields but also the fun work can bring to everyone. For Real Marketing’s team the job is above all pleasure and inspiration. We enjoy challenges and always try to do something innovative!

Who we are

Real Marketing is a business communications consultant and provider of integrated Marketing services. It targets small and medium-sized enterprises across the spectrum of business and for this reason starts from the beginning with the environmental scanning, the design of the action plan and its implementation in order to increase brand awareness and maintain and increase clientele. Furthermore, undertakes and handles all necessary communication through digital networks and channels.

The experience of Real Marketing’s team is gained through jobs in the fields of web design, development of Marketing strategies, advertising campaigns and operational / management issues, both in service and product industries.

The goal is the effective connection between theory and practice. In other words, the delivery of business and Marketing plans that yield, the design and implementation of the relevant actions and the most efficient exploitation of the enterprise’s resources. The aim is to improve the level of entrepreneurship for small and medium-sized Greek businesses and find practices which will benefit them and also give them a new breath of life.

What we do

Real Marketing provides outsourcing Marketing services, while covering short-term needs of a business for Marketing & Operations department. Also undertakes the design and implementation of the Marketing Strategy, since is specializing in strategic planning, digital communications & brand awareness. Furthermore uses and exploits advanced business models in order to assist the firm maintain and develop its clientele, while at the same time public relations complete the puzzle for the planning, delivery and measure the public image of the brand.

Real Marketing offers:

• Business & Marketing planning
• International business development
• Product & Service Action plans
• Web design, development and support
• Corporate identity & branding

Our philosophy

The team of Real Marketing is passionate about its work and the portfolio is evidence of an inspired team-work. The philosophy and attitude of the team is always customer-oriented, in order to create and maintain stable relationships based on trust. Furthermore, the support and customer service to the clients even after the completion of a project shows Real Marketing’s constant presence and efficiency.

Why choose an outsourcing partner as a consultant:

• The company and its staff has no experience in the field of management and organization
• Previous attempts of the company to satisfy its needs were unsuccessful
• The time for which a consultant is needed is considered short-term with specific responsibilities
• Shareholders disagree on matters pertaining to the organization, promotion and management in general, of products and services
• The management needs an objective view and judgment on the business plan, from someone who has no prejudices and emotional burden to the business
• A consultant undertakes work that nobody else wants

Why choose Real Marketing:

• Modern perception, alternative ideas and innovative thinking
• Continuous information and updates of the industry of (Digital) Marketing and global trends of the business world
• Extended network of external collaborators
• Design and proposal of practical measures / action plan rather than theoretical ideas
• Excellent references from customers
• Efficiency and trust are concepts which underpin our steps

In each case, the proposals of a reliable consultant will bring renewal in product and service management and also workforce’s administration.